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I am a total Noob to Linux. Am trying it out of boredom. I have downloaded the CL ISO and successfully made a bootable disk. I select it from the boot menu and CL starts its install process.

To boot CL install disk press enter {enter}
Gives option to load a non US keyboard {enter}

College Linux installation menu options

I go to partition, it searches and finds two Physical HD labeled.
I select 0 which is a 160 gb partitioned three times.

Partitions on selected drives
hda1 81...... win95 FAT32 LBA
hda2 74...... win95 Ext'd LBA
hda5 41.......win95 FAT32
hda6 33.......win95 FAT32

I assume hda 1 is my OS, hda 5 is a 41 GB partition and hda6 is my 33GB partition


I get this screen and I get cold feet.


It lists hda1 boot Primary win95 fat32 (LBA)
hda5 Logical win95 fat32
hda6 Logical win95 fat32

It gives options at bottom like Boot, quit, and write. I can highlight each of the above. I want Linux on hda5. If I highlight it and select write, will it ERASE the whole physical HD or just the highlighted partition. I wish there was a way to check it not just highlight it.

Sry for the long post but I dont want to dump a HD


I've never used CL so I can't really say. It *should* only wipe the selected partition. If you want to be sure then go out and get partition magic or something similar and set up all the partitions before the install.
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