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ok, I'm kinda new to this, but it still just doesnt make sense.

So, I had redhat 9.0 installed and working fine. I was talking on AIM. All was good. Then, my mouse stopped working. Then, it froze. So I restarted my computer. It says "Server X (graphical interface) is missing". So, I tried purging my hard drive and re-installing it. It didnt fix my problem. I need to get this working within a couple of days, or I'm screwed. I was running it on a brand new 80gig barracuda harddrive, with a new video card, soundcard and everything except Motherboard and cd-rom. Please tell me that I'm not screwed and how to fix this. ohmy.gif
It sounds very strange {and suspicious} that everything was working perfectly and then while you were on AIM everything froze.

By purging your hard drive, do you mean reformating and installing from scratch?

What is the exact error .... Server X (graphical interface) is missing doesn't show anything on google.

What is your video card and Monitor?
Well, I'm using a Dell 7770 monitor, so I dont think there is anything too suspicious about that, and I'm using a Radeon 7000 video card, which is only maybe a month old, and has been working great. By purging my harddrive, I meant that I deleted all partitions and data on them. When I installed redhat 9, I chose delete all current partitions too, so its not a dual OS problem. The actual message is " I cannot start the X server. The reason for this is that it may not be set up correctly. Would you like to view the log to try to diagnose the problem?" I click yes, and it tells me to check Xfree86 . I have no Idea what this means. I just dont get why it would freeze, and then just totally screw up, cause it was working like a dream before. ohmy.gif
Hi..i think ur X-window system is not configured try command
and of course if it was working earlier it has to work with new HDD.
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