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Full Version: Inittab / Rc.d Problem.
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I'm having an issue with Redhat 9 that I hope somebody can help me with.

I've installed Freevo on one of my linux boxes. I got to thinking that it would be cool if the computer booted straight into Freevo. I set up a script called xfreevo that starts x and runs freevo. It worked perfectly from the comand line. So for the next step...

I went to /etc/rc4.d and added the line /root/xfreevo to S99local there is nothing else in this file.

In inittab I changed the default to id:4:initdefault:

Then I rebooted. After boot x starts to come up. I had the little x cursor and everything. then the screen flickered and I was back to a terminal log in with X not running, I never see any indication that freevo is coming up. If I log into the terminal and type xfreevo x starts and xfreevo comes up great no problem as the client.


What the heck am I doing wrong?
Your PC probably needs to be logged in to a user before this would work.....which I wouldn't recommend you automatically do unless you don't connect it to the internet.
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