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Full Version: Postfix Help Complete And Utter Newbie
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I have installed RH9 and it is working fine. Samba is working fine and all windows clients can see the server and access dirs.

My Problem is with Mail.

I want the following setup

Fetchmail gets mail via POP3, passes it off to Postfix and Procmail sorts it. The end users will then connect from the network via POP3. They are all running Windows.

when a client sends mail, they connect to the Linux Server and that relays mail. There is a problem here though. The Providers SMTP server that accepts the mail is a secure system, you need to supply a user name and password before it will accept mail. I have no idea how to set up Postfix to use this.

I guess I need a complete and utter idiots guide for this. Any one know where there is a simple follow guide for configureing PostFix?

If any one has any ideas, or examples, all help is gratefully recived!!! smile.gif

Many Thanks

Check here

Excellent. Thank you that helped!

One last question however.

My email provider allows emails that contain anything as the user name, so long as the domain is correct. So in the mailbox may be the following emails


Is it possible to have postfix also ignore the first part and work on domains only, as the further sorting according to the user name can be done via Procmail or the users MUAs? I mean is it possible without adding all the psssoible names to the aliases file?
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