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Full Version: Issues Installing Redhat 9
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I attempted to install Redhat 9 on my XP 2600+, with a Asus A7N8X running a GeForce FX 5200.
The problem is graphics related I think, because when I choose to do a graphical install the monitor
goes dead ( recieves no input). The same happens when I install using text based, well when I restart
and I assume the OS tries to start X.

What am I todo, I have the latest driver for both my motherboard and graphics card but I can't install
it coz the monitor goes dead.

Is there some way I can perhaps some configurations I can do to the display settings during the install or
if not just disable the automatic starting of X.

Any ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanx in advance

If you haven't already got this fixed, then when you boot in GRUB, press the e button to edit the kernel line. Move the bar down to the kernel line and press e again to edit.

add "a space" and 3 at the end of the kernel line to boot into runlevel 3 ... (a non GUI mode).

press enter to save the kernel line, then b to boot...

After you boot, login as root.

go to /etc

edit the file inittab and change the line:




and you will boot in NON GUI mode ...

since you have a nforce2 chipset, you must install the chipset drivers from here (instructions here)

then download the latest nvidia video drivers from here (instructions here)
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