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Hello all..

I am new to the whole Linux thing, so I hope i dont sound like an idiot smile.gif

Anyways... here's my question. Is it possible to connect to my linux x-windows desktop from my win xp computer in a LAN?

I know such a thing exists... i just dont know where to find it. I would prefer it be free if possible smile.gif

Lt. Daily
I recommend you try VNC here Its a remote desktop control, to where you can veiw your x windows desktop form a windows or another xwindows, or actually even anywhere there is a browser, and internet access.
Another way you can do this is with XDMCP. To use this, you need to have a login manager running such as xdm, kdm or gdm on the linux system. Go into the configuration file (usually named kderc and resides somewhere in your kde prefix) and scrolldown to the Xdmcp section. set Enable=True, Port=177, save and exit.

Now, edit your Xaccess file to restrict access to the daemon (by default, it allows every host to get a login prompt, they are still required to use a legit username and password though). When you have that saved, restart your kdm daemon.

Now, to connect from the windows side, you'll need to download a program. I use Xmanager (search, it isn't free, but you can get a demo version, and buy it if you so please. After installing, go into the Start Menu directory and open up XBrowser. In the Address box, put in the IP of your Linux box. You should then connect to your linux box and see the kdm login prompt.

Xmanager can also run individual programs instead of a full Xserver by using the Xstart program. This method uses X11 forwarding through SSH to display linux programs in windows. You can also save the shortcuts to your desktop so you can run them like normal programs. Now you can finally have konqueror on your linux box without usign cygwin smile.gif
Thanks... I tried the VNC and im running into a problem... How do I enable "local loop-back connections" on my XP machine?
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