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Full Version: Need Help Bad
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Well I downloaded Mandrake 9.1 i586 and installed it and after I installed it I downloaded the latest GAIM which installed fine and everything. Next I installed WineX (Stable Release). From there it did not work in which I mean in didn't work, it couldn't open .exe files or install games that would normally run for Windows i.e. Ultima Online or Battlefield 1942. But then I tried download the latest Mandrake upgrades/patches in which I did. So after I finished installing the patches and upgrades GAIM is not showing up installed but it says its installed I mean it not on my start panel thing. Under Network > Instant Messaging > Gaim.

What is the problem?

Also what is wrong with WineX and what did I do wrong?

WineX doesn't run all windows programs (in fact, I think WineX,Crossover Office, etc. are pretty much worthless, they don't perform as you would expect...) ... especially there are problems with games that require direct X ... I would say if Windows games are important to you that you should dual boot into windows...<------{the first paragraph is my opinion only! Other people here might think WineX/windows emulation is great}-------->

There are games that work well in Linux ... America's Army is one ... so switching the games you run might also be an option.

As for gaim, the shortcut location might have changed. Try typing this command at a terminal window:


If it opens the program, use the command:

which gaim

You will get a full path to the program ... something like this:


Now, just right click (instead of left click) on the GAIM shortcut in the menu and select properties, then type in, paste in, or browse to the gaim location in the window titled command
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