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Full Version: Help With Rh9 Install Manually Using Disk Druid
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I have a single physical 30 GB hard drive partitioned into 2, 15 GB logical drives in Windows. Win 98SE is on the first partition and the second is empty. I only want to install Linux on the second partition, but also want grub to let me choose which OS to boot into at startup. Do I have to put grub in the MBR of the first partition for this to work? If so, I how do I do that? If this is not possible, I guess I can boot off a floppy when I want to run Linux, but how do I set that up? Also, when I try to have the installer automaticaly divvy up the second partition into the /boot, / and swap parts for Linux to work via the automatic disk partition in setup, it says it cannot do it and I must do so manually. I have no idea how to do this using Disk Druid and when I look for a guide on using Disk Druid, Red Hat claims a Disk Druid guide is located in the 'Official Red Hat Linux Reference Guide', but it is a lie! I did a find in the .PDF and Disk Druid is barely mentioned. Anyone know where I can get an exhaustive reference on Disk Druid, or better yet, anyone have the same setup I am trying to achieve and can give me directions? I cannot erase/reformat the first partition with Windows on it so that is out of the question in case someone might want to suggest it. I also cannot use any program such as Partition Magic, which costs money.
The RedHat 9.0 Disk Druid installation reference is HERE.

Here is a picture:

To install RedHat, you need to have a SWAP partiton and a ROOT partition (as a minumum)...see the Note in the first section of the above link.

What you will need to do (in Disk Druid) is select the second partition in the bottom part of the disk druid window (the empty one ... it should be labeled as /dev/hda2) and delete it (using the delete button above the selection list)....VERY IMPORTANT - Don't delete /dev/hda1 by mistake .... that is your Windows Partiton!

Now, you should still have /dev/hda1 and a bunch of free space...., Click the New button.

A form will pop up that looks like this:

First, let's make the SWAP partition. Swap is the same thing as virtual memory in Windows ... RedHat recommends twice your memory size ... and I would recommend no more than 512mb max... so if you have 128mb RAM, the swap would be 256mb ... if you have 64mb RAM swap would be 128mb and if you have lots of RAM ... like 768mb RAM, I would still only set the swap to be 512mb...Now that you have a number for SWAP ...

In the box, use the drop down for File System Type select SWAP.

In the Size (MB): block type your swap size figured out above...

Make sure Fixed space is checked, then click OK at the bottom of the form.

You should now be back to the first picture ... the Disk Druid window.
Now we need to set up your Root Partition. This is where all your Linux files will go. Select the New button again ... agian the New form will popup (like the second picture above)...

This time in the File System Type you will select the linux file system to use ... I recommend ext3 because it is a journaling filesystem.

In the mount point box, select /

In the Additional Size Options block select Fill to maximum allowable size.

Then select OK at the bottom of the form.

You should now be back at the Disk Druid window and you should have the following partitions:

/dev/hda1 15gb windows partiton
/dev/hda2 SWAP partition
/dev/hda3 14.5gb ext3 / partiton

If that's what you have, press next at the bottom of the form.
For BootLoader configuration, make sure you follow the directions HERE for the Configure advanced bootloader options to get the GRUB bootloader to work on MBR...
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