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Full Version: Red Hat 9 Won't Install
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Hello all. I have a problem with installing Red Hat 9 on my system.
I keep getting the same error message every time just before it should install the packages.

You are trying to install on a machine which isn't supported by this release of Red Hat Linux.

I would be greatfull for any help you could offer.
Whats the system spec?
I am running an AMD-550 processor on a GA-5AX motherboard with 398M of memory, 10G hard drive. I have an Nvidia g-force3 video card with 64M Ram, a soundblaster sound card and a Kleer monitor. I forgot to post this the first time, sorry. Any help you could give I thank you for in advance. I have tried doing the upgrade from Red Hat 8 and still get the same ERROR message. biggrin.gif
I was hopping to hear from someone by now. Please help, I need to get this installed soon. Also, why does envelope by the title of my original post have what appears to be a red dot on it? Thanks.
It is a black dot ... meaning that you have replied to the thread...

It seems that redhat is not detecting your processor properly. It also seems this is common:

All these machines are AMD K6 processors and are around the 500mhz range. There is not any posted fixes. I have no idea how to make redhat 9 install under those conditions.

You could wait until 15 October and try Mandrake 9.2 ... or until November 3, 2003 for the new RedHat Fedora project final release.
I thank you very much for the answer. I thought I would go nuts trying to fix it. I might just go ahead and try mandrake as I have noticed Red Hat is starting to become more and more like Microsoft. Once again thanks, sorry if I seemed to be a putz, but like everyone else, we all start linux and then pull our hair out some time :-)
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