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Full Version: Admins Can You Help With Postfix
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I have been trying to get some help with this for a while and have received a lot of comments. (Thanks to all of you) But I still can't seem to get this to to work.

My postfix is set up so I can send email but I can't receive it. I pratice sending email to myself from my yahoo account. I get the following error message:

Failed to deliver to ''
SMTP module(domain reports:
host says:
554 <>:Recipient address rejected: Relay access denied

Does anyone know what the problem is? I have made all sort of changes to my sendmail and my postfix and it still does not what to work for me.

Thanks in advance..
Now taking into account there could be lots of reasons behind this, my personal take on it, is that whatever SMTP server you are connecting to to send the outbounf email will not allow you to relay the mail across it. For example, if you are emailing to your Postfix readied machine, from your desktop, check what your SMTP settings are on your desktop. Make sure that you are using an SMTP server that is going to allow you to bounce the email across it :-/
Would you mind elaborating?

I have set up my domain name with I have added an MX record at with also an “A” record and a CNAME record. I can actually ping “” and also “”

I can also do the command at the command line in Linux


These both work just fine.

My settings that I am using on one of my other computers that I am using to connect to my email server to send and receive mail (well, try to receive)

I use for my pop and my SMTP service is

They both log onto my email server and check it just fine. Therefore I believe that I have this part set up correctly.

However, when I edit my postfix ( file I see in there that there is a place to setup how to receive incoming mail. But, this only shows you how to receive via the local LAN or via one certain “class”. I would like to be able to use this email for anyone that I give it to not just people on the same class network I am on.

Thanks for all your input it is very much indeed welcomed!!
Your original problem is that the recipient is not found (554 <>:Recipient address rejected) (postfix doesn't know the ... and the second part of the error (the relay failure) is caused by the first ... since postfix doesn't think the address you are sending to is local, it won't relay mail from to another server to get it to When the user is recognized as local it will accept mail from

Try the following variables in the file:
(mydestination is important ... and make sure to include all names the server can be known by)
mydestination=$myhostname localhost localhost.$mydomain $mydomain

myorigin = $mydomain

inet_interfaces = all
items in bold are examples ... don't include them in the variable names...

The relay issue for outside users will be a little harder....but let's fix one issue at a time biggrin.gif
OK! I added this line:

mydestination=$myhostname localhost localhost.$mydomain $mydomain

Everything else in there was just fine. I actually had a line similar to that one but didn't have the "$myhostname"

Doing that changed a lot of stuff around! Now I can actually send email to it and now I get a different message. This is what it says:

"This is the Postfix program at host

I'm sorry to have to inform you that the message returned
below could not be delivered to one or more destinations.

For further assistance, please send mail to <postmaster>

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
delete your own text from the message returned below.

The Postfix program

<>: cannot access mailbox /var/spool/postfix/Mailbox for
user postfix. cannot create file exclusively: Permission denied"

I'm sure it's something very simple now. This is the most progress I have made in a month!! Thanks!!

Thanks for all your help I look forward to more info!! smile.gif
I think all you need to do is change the permissions of directory /var/spool/postfix

What user does the program run under in your install ...

probably the user is postfix ...

so as root, do the command:

cd /var/spool
ls -al | grep postfix

If the results are similar to these,
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Oct 9 17:37 postfix

The issue the command:

chown -R postfix /var/spool/postfix
Dude you rock! That worked!!

But now I have another problem. (Am I ever going to get this fixed?? blink.gif )

I can actually cat or vi the file /etc/postfix/Mailbox and I can see all my messages there. But, how do I setup my computer (where ever it may be) to log onto the server and get them. I have created an account ex. "bgump" and I am able to log onto my emial server with the pop/smtp account settings "" it logs on just fine and attempts to receive email, and I use the same username and password to log onto the system. But it's not sending my emial to this computer. Am I making sence here? I feel pretty sure it's an aliases setting or something.

Also, I see that all this emial is only in the "Mailbox". What would happen if I created several users? Would they all share this "Mailbox" or would I/it need to create a folder for each user? I guess with the email address this could be taken care of because the email would be pointed to the

Thanks for all you input it IS greatly apprecieated!!

So close but yet so far away....
I think you are trying to do something with postfix that it is not designed to do ... postfix is an SMTP server, it doesn't do POP3 ... see this:

I recommend qpopper....
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