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Full Version: Lost -now Can't Boot
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I recently tried upgrading to libc2.2 (from 2.1.3) in order to get the lastest version of evolution working with my RH6.2 system. This broke a bunch of stuff so I uninstalled the glibc2.2 rpm and re-installed libc2.1 This mostly worked but evolutron wouldn't launch and I was getting a bunch of locale error. Poking around I saw that the sym link in /lib for (or something close, can't remember exactly) was still pointing to libc.2.2.? (which I thought would have been removed when I uninstalled the package) , I tried manually pointing this to the 2.1 static lib but ldconfig would re-establish it to point to 2.2. Brilliantly I manually removed libc.2.2 which immediately hosed all executables linked to it, including mv,cp, ln etc. I booted to a ramdisk, mounted the /lib partition and established the link manually. Now my machine won't boot. I get a init error: can't load shared object - too short.

Any ideas?

Jeff Patterson
I think the link you want to do is this:

Boot (like you did before) an go to /{mount_dir}/lib

ln -s

Have you updated your RH 6.2 to the latest RH security patches? If so, here is where you can get the updated glibc from redhat (assuming you have a RH machine):

If not, you can use your original RH 6.2 cd, or you can get a 6.2 ISO here:
once you get boot with the ramdisk, you can use the chroot command and then try to do installs....

chroot /{mount_dir} /bin/bash

then you can try again to install rpms....

(substitue you mount directory on ram disk for {mount_dir}
Now might be a good time to consider an upgrade to RH 7.3, 8.0 or 9.0 depending upon your hardware.
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