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Full Version: Suse Linux 8.2 Pro Hangs At Hardware Scan
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Hi People

I thought I would grow up and start using a proper OS other then MS

So I Bought Suse Linux 8.2 Pro And for what ya get for 20 UK Pound around $27 US $
wasn't worth the download. wink.gif

So as you have just worked out am a complete NEWBIE to linux ( Dumb Ass ). But we all have to learn at some point.

So I went through the install OK Followed the intructions and thought my my hasn't it improved since 6.3. Gave my root password installed hardware modules etc.

and booted in to kde 3.1 wizzed round shutdown reboot (warm) logged back on OK did this 2 or three times all ok. until I do this Cold then it hangs at bootup, at Scaning Hardware, the harddisk light goes crazy then stops So does anyone have any Idea's what is wrong? I can shutdown OK CTRL+ALT Delete and I can go into Linux Settings at runlevel 3 and logon OK

So HA HA I can fix this Problem ( How ??????? )

How do I find out why it is hanging? It has stopped on something but what? is there a bootlog like on MS systems? where I could look at and As a Linux newbie will I understand this log ? and is this a Known Issue? At the moment I am Scanning Memory But I think this is OK but its worth checking and a good place to start.

I am puzzled and have no Idea what to do next, any suggestions?

there are logs in the directory /var/log

I don't have access to SUSE on my test machine right now, but the log file is normally named messages ... and there are probably some old ones named messages.1, messages.2, etc.

Also dmesg could be helpful.

What is different between runlevel 5 (which is gui) and runlevel 3 (which is character based)? {Look at the files is /etc/rc3.d and /etc/rc5.d to see any differences....}
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