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Full Version: Redhat/mandrake/xp Boot
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To give a little background: on C: i have XP and on D: i have Redhat.

I want to install Mandrake on the same hard drive as RedHat. I went to install it with the same partition and it wanted to format my root directory and i think the other was my boot directory. My question is that if i do decide to format those two directories, what will happen to RedHat, will I still be able to use it or will Mandrake write over stuff that i have there?

if anyone could answer my question I appreciate it.

If you format your /boot and / partitions you will lose RedHat.

If you want to install Mandrake and RedHat on the same drive...and have access to each, then you need seperate partitions for at least the root partitons of each.

You can share a swap partition between the two ... and you could share a boot partition, but I wouldn't do that.

So I would recommend that you create a new boot partiton (100mb) and a new root partiton (about 5gb minimum). If you have about 5gb of unpartitioned space on the D: drive it will be easy ... if you have no unpartitioned space, then you can use GNU Parted (Here and Here) to decrease the RedHat root partition size so that you have 5gb free to make a boot and root partition.

A mistake with parted will wipe out the RedHat partition, so be careful!

Here is a Howto on partitions.
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