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Full Version: Hey, Im New Here
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biggrin.gif i would like to say i really like the way linuxhelp is set up. Its very professional and i believe i will enjoy my stay.

But getting to business.....

i would really like to know why my version of Mandrake 8.1 (from the net) is leaving my 700mghz 2805-s202 (somewhat popular linux laptop, seeing how typing in my type of toshiba brung up 3 results of other people tryin linux on it) 391mghz ????? why is this? It has a piece of hardware called a Mini-pci bus(i know what pci means) and im not so sure if this is the problem. Im havinf trouble with the video card too, linux just dont run smooth when i try a game or a screen saver at that in KDE. My vid card is of course built in and it is a S3 Savage/IX M7 Graphics Controller 86C270-294. Ive installed Mesa, i thought some libraries would help and it seems that before it didnt work at all till i added Mesa. BTW i have the 3 disc internet download set of Mandrake 8.1. This will be the third or forth time ive tried linux on my laptop. Mandrake is the only one ive got to work. Red hat 7 (i think) didnt like my vid card and created lines all through the screen in setup so i didnt get it on there. Slackware is another story, yet i havnt gived up on it.

Someone help me, your welcomed to email me instead of posting, yet im sure everyone else would want to know about my delima for future reference wink.gif
This page says that Mandrake 9.1 works great on this laptop.

Mandrake 9.2 will be released to the public in a couple days (it is released now if you are a member of the Mandrake Club) ... I would wait, download, then install Mandrake 9.2.
yeah thats one of the fellas i was talking about earlier, that i have seen. See! My laptop is popular with linux!

in my install i had to do text based installation of mandrake 8.1. There were too many errors setting up the X11 server and couldnt continue. BTW office max cd-r really suck, dont buy them, thats the ones i put my downloaded distros on. I believe this is the cause of some of my troubles.

i have been playing on it today and it seems that motherboard compenents are unrecognizable. its still running at 391 when it should be running at 400. Im going to take a looke at that page again, thanx hughesjr. biggrin.gif

he put in a 40 gig hard drive, where as the old one had some kind of wierd block error and amount. I bet this is why his worked. sad.gif
The newer distros also have better hardware detection and the kernels have better hardware support, so maybe a newer version of Mandrake will better detect the components involved.
its ok now, peng crashed 8.1 so i d/l 9.1. Its hasnt crashed yet, at all. I have everything i wanted on there without a glitch. THANK YOU MANDRAKE. Like i said....any other distro didnt work, so i choose MD. biggrin.gif thanks hughesjr

BTW u play any online games? Do you have winex for transgaming by any chance? (i wanted to know if it was any good)
I don't do gaming with Linux (except America's Army some times) I haven't tried winex for transgaming.

I have used Cross Over Office and Wine, but I found that the windows programs to run to slowly (for me) ... so I started using OpenOffice, mplayer and mozilla. The only thing that I still have problems with is RealOne media files and some Windows Media files.
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