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Full Version: Reinstall Drivers At Every Boot
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I have been fighting with installing nvidia 1.0-4496 drivers. I found that they work only after the boot up fails to startx.
Then I do the "sh" and reinstall the drivers then "startx" again. Then I can play Quake3 just fine. Does anyone know why I have to keep reinstalling the drivers every time I boot up. I'm using Mandrake 9.0. Then when I want to shutdown, the shutdown option is missing from the menu. I have to logout then type shutdown -h now to turn off the computer. Help!
There was a few problems Ive had with Nvidia cards, one you need to change one of the lines in the config file. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the file or the line to change off hand but it is in the documentation that comes with the drivers. Another thing is the drivers only work for a specific kernel that you install them for, and when it looks for your kernel source it looks for a generic directory, so just make a symbolic link in the directory which has your kernel source and make it correspond with the name that the installer script uses. Also for more information on how to diagnose your problem see using commands glxinfo and xdpyinfo see if you notice any obscure problems in there.
I do get the "could not get NV card info invalid argument " and the Failed to intialize the nvidia kernel module " errors. When I boot up. But then I just reinstall the drivers and startx and I'm ok. I added the "alias char-major-195 nvidia" line to the /etc/modules.conf file and it didn't matter.
I tried to look for a kernel header but I have no idea what it would look like. I found under /usr/include/linux, a kernel.h file.
The first line of it is "#ifndef _LINUX_KERNEL_H". My documention is crap. My current kernel is 2.4.19-16mdk.
Any ideas??????
I have a test machine with a TNT2 Nvidia card that I have the Nvidia 4496 drivers running on ... I have many distro's on seperate drives (RedHat 9, Fedora Sevren, Debain SID, Mandrake 9.1, Gentoo, SUSE 8.2, Slackware 9.0) ... I have had only one problem and it is with the frame buffer driver (using vga=).

Go to the /boot/grub directory and edit the file menu.lst (if you have grub) and remove any vga=xxxx and save.

If you use LILO instead of GRUB as you boot loader, edit /etc/lilo.conf ... remove the vga=xxxx stuff, save and then run /sbin/lilo.

(write down or save a backup file before making changes so you can go back if this doesn't solve the problem)!!!
I did the remove vga=788 in my case and it still does the same thing. I also did note that
when I VIM the /etc/modules.conf and added "alias char-major-195 nvidia" , it was missing after the reboot, I did do the Esc :WQ! too. I did this twice too make sure it wasn't the lead paint chips that I have been eating. There is a line simular already there "alias /dev/nvidia* nvidia". Bazzar!
Well I finally got nvidia drivers to work. First I had to do a clean install of Mandrake 9.0. I had a burned copy of 1.0-4191 kernel and glx files. I installed them, added Load "glx" to XF86Config-4 and rebooted and they worked the first time. Then loaded quake3 and ran a frag test.

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