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Full Version: Help--setting Up Linux Router Redhat 9.0
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I am wanting to set up a linux router for 3 different networks...NetA, NetB, and internet.
The internet will be a PPPoE and be on DSL.
NetA will be a internal subnet with address of subnet will be
NetB will be a internal subnet with address of subnet will be
The linux computer(router) will have three network cards in it. eth0 (internet-?), eth1 (netA-, and eth2 (netB- Eth0 will go to the dsl modem, eth1 will go to a hub for netA, and eth2 will go to a hub for netB.
The Routers purpose is to route the internet to both subnets and block traffic between the two subnets (netA and netB).

How do I go about setting this up? Will the router I proposed do the trick or am I way off base here?
What IP addy should I assign the eth0 for the internet? (I was wanting to assign

Thank you for your help.
Yes, that will work...

Are you going to connect eth0 to the DSL modem directly? If so, it will be getting it's IP address from the ISP via DHCP.

I would use full Class C's for each network ( and with subnet masks) for ease eth1 would be IP and eth2 would be

You will then need to setup IP Masqurading and iptables on the Linux Machine.
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