I'm running my Linux box on a Windows 2000 domain. Mine is the only Linux box on the domain. I'm having trouble setting up a network printer connection.

I'm running RedHat 9.0 and SAMBA. I can login to the domain controller and access my fileserver. I can access the internet. I can do everything except print.

I use Print Manager to install my network printer, a standalone printer at IP Address using CUPS. Everything goes fine until I try to print anything. The print job just hangs. When I go into Printer Configuration, I see my printer and it has the following info:

Queue Name: Ricoh; Default: checked; Description: Network host '' is busy; will retry in 30 seconds. INFO: Connecting to on port 631.

The printer is NOT busy. If I boot up to Windows XP (dual boot machine), I can print without trouble.

Any suggestions?