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Full Version: Please Help The Noob.
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This is the problem. When I try to install the RPM for up2date and the certificates. I get the following. It will not install due to dependency issues.

[root@localhost root]# rpm -Fvh up2date-*
error: Failed dependencies:
up2date = is needed by (installed) up2date-gnome-

when I try to run the rpm for up2date it tells me that Package already installed

A newer version of "up2date" is currently installed.

I am lost, I am new to Linux. I can't get any of the new packages to upgrade because they are all asking for some other package to be installed. But when I try to install the package it is asking for it tells me that a newer version is already installed. I really don't know what to try next. I'v tried using a terminal to install them but it says the same thing. I have searched all the forums and RHN but I can't find a suggestion that helps. I just want to be able to use up2date again cause it is really easy to just let it install all the packages until I learn more and get used to linux more. I'm trying to make the switch but it is starting to get confusing with these package dependency issues I keep having. Please help if you get the time I'm sure it is probaly an easy fix for you. But it is driving me crazy that I can't figure this out. Thanks in advance.

Matt K
Try rpm -Uvh up2date*.rpm
what does -Uvh do differently than -Fvh , the reason I ask is that I am trying to write all this down. So that maybe one day I will not be a noob anymore. biggrin.gif I have not tried it yet so I don't even know if this will work but I would still like to know what it does.
Type man rpm at a shell prompt and check what each of the flags does. smile.gif
That worked. You are the greatest. This is the best forum ever created. I love you and linux. Thanks again. smile.gif
Thanks, I'll remember that if I ever need a kidney smile.gif
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