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Full Version: Multiple Group Permissions On Same File
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Is there any way to give different groups (or users) different permissions levels on the same file or directory (ala NT)? Or can only one group be associated with a file?


With standard GNU/Linux permissions, only one group, one owner (a user), and everyone else can be associated with a file.

However, there is a project for bringing ACLs (Access Control Lists) to Linux. ACLs would allow what you want, assigning multiple groups to the same item (file, printer, mount permission, etc.).

RedHat (even in the Severn beta release, which will probably become RH10 ... or maybe RH9.1) doesn't have ACLs turned on in their pre-compiled kernels. ACLs work, but they are currently hard to use and not all programs recognise the ACL permissions, so using certian programs will bypass the permissions set by ACLs. ----If you wanted to use ACLs with RedHat, you would need to recompile your kernel with that feature turned on-----.

ACLs will eventually be the security answer in Linux. Since Novell has a very good system for doing Directory Services, I expect a very good tool from them sometime soon that will make security more flexible on Linux. The Nterprise Linux Service may have those kind of tools when it is ready...

Here is the Novell on Linux strategy
cant you just have a main group say dataentry
and if another user/group needs access to it..just add that user/group to the dataentry group

all makes sense to me as if that should work like you want

i could be wrong...if so let me know....

What I think he wants to do is give to do things like this:

there are 4 groups ...A, B, C, and D

I need the following permissions to the file named paychart:

Group A needs to rw-
Group B needs r--
Group C needs ---
Group D needs rwx

With ACLs you can do this via groups...
well you can do 3 groups the 4th would be the problem
cause you can have the following like you mentioned

Group A needs to rw-
Group B needs r--
Group C needs ---
Group D needs rwx

rwxrw r filename.txt

the only problem would be group 'C' because of the fourth group
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