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Full Version: Redhat 6.0 First Run Error
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i have just tried ot install on my system a copy of redhat 6.0 which i have had for a few years. i have 2 hard drives, a 40gb one and a 30gb one. after repartitioning about 5 times and installing redhat countless more, i have finally got everything to install without problems and have got lilo working. i dont know about newer versions but lal that stuff about redhat being good for newbies and first itme computer users is a load of crap. i had to spend 2 days re partitioning my harddrives and changing boot managers to finally get it to install, show me one computer illiterate person who is capable and willing to do that.

anyway, enough rambling. i now have a 30gb partition on my first drive with xp, the rest is free, the second drive has i beleive a 70mb swap partition and a 8gb native partition. the rest is free. now finally after getting that all instaleld whenever i try and actualyl boot linux it comes up with a message saying something liek "kernel panic: cant mount host: cant read host fs" or something. basically i gather its saying it cant read the file system of the host partition IT JUST FORMATTED 5 MINUTES AGO. i would appreciaite any help since i really would liek to get it working.

RedHat 6.0 is not very user friendly (and it won't install easily on newer computers ... Just like installing Windows 95 on newer computers doesn't detect hardware properly and causes install problems). RedHat 6.0 uses a 2.2 linux-kernel, which was released in January 1999. RedHat 6.0 was released in May 1999 ... more than 4 years ago. In computer terms, 4 years is an eternity.

Linux has made great strides in usability since 1999 ... but if you have had years of Windows experience and training (both at work and at home), it probably still won't seem as easy to use for you. ...(If you have spoken and written Latin all your life, it is always easier to write Latin than English...)... There are many differences between linux and windows, for example there are no A:, C: or D: drives ... only a single file system that you mount new drives into.

RedHat 9.0, Mandrake 9.1, SUSE 8.2 are much eaiser to install on hardware that meets the install requirements.

RedHat 7.3 is the oldest version that is still supported by RedHat ... and I wouldn't recommend installing anything older than that.

The hardware requirements for RedHat 9.0 are here. If you meet the minimum install requirements (pentium 200, 128mb RAM (192mb RAM recommended), 5.0 gb hard drive space), you can download the 3 ISO discs from here (if you have an intel or AMD processor, download an i386 version ... either shrike (RH9) or Severn (RH10 beta). Follow these instructions to burn an ISO image to CD. Here is a Linux ISO FAQ.

Here is the RedHat 9.0 install manual. It shows how to do the install step by step....
thx, i think i'l go and find it on a magzine or something sicne i dont really think downloading 3 cds worth would do to wlel on dial up. thx a lot nayway
the exact error i get is

VFS: cannot open root device 00:34
Kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs on 00:34
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