This almost has to be a FAQ, although I can't find any information about it googling. Using Redhat 9 and sendmail 8.12.8; installed poprelay-1.5, and after testing it appears to work fine with the HACK(`poprelay') routines; if I clear the database and attempt to relay, it rejects; after I authenticate, it permits the relay.

So far, so good. But I also want to use various RBL services, using FEATURE(`dnsbl'), and one of them is giving me migranes.

When I tie in the DynaBlock through FEATURE(`dnsbl'), things get ugly; when I attempt to relay through the server, my Verizon aDSL IP is rejected even though I have authenticated; it's clear that the dnsbl sections aren't checking the popip.db database first.

Is there any way to get the thing to accept the popip.db info within the dnsbl sections? I vaguely remember manually editing the file on another machines a while back, duplicating the Local_check_rcpt lines dealing with poprelay, but I _really_ want to avoid mucking directly with the file if I can help it...