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Full Version: Cd-rom Questions
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i sometimes get this with some of my not-hard-disk devices smile.gif like the cd-rom or the cd-recorder of the usb camera...i mount them...i do what i do and then i decide to unmount them cause i for example gotta stick something else in that cd-rom of mine smile.gif
but when i unmount the given device, sometimes, not all the times, it tells me that the device can not be unmounted cause it is now before i unmount a device i make sure that nothing uses the cd drive. i close the file manager that i used to see the content of the disc, i close xmms if it was playing some songs on a cd...but even when there doesn't seem to be any application using a resource from the cd, sometimes...sometimes it tells me that the device is busy...and i don't know what to if i want to use my cd drive i have to reboot the system and it's ok...but that's not a fair price to i'm trying to find the reason for this so i would stop rebooting everytime this message pops up!
thank you very much in advance! i appreciate it!
Normally this happens if you are logged into a shell and in the cdrom directory.
There is a program called lsof that will tell you about open files. I use this to close processes that have files open when I want to do backups...

If you have it installed, the command:


will give you a list of all open files (and other items).

If you have lsof, then the command:

lsof /mnt/cdrom will give you a list of all open files on your cdrom .... if you have a different mount point than /mnt/cdrom, use your mount point.
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