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Full Version: Sound Problem Playing Audio Cds
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I've installed red hat 9 and its up and running with only one problem. I can't get it to play sound on my audio CDs. Linux did not seem to pick up the soundcard fitted as part of my compaq machine, so I put in another soundcard which it recognises, and I have all system sounds working etc. The cd player oviously worked to install the linux system, and when I try to play an audio cd it runs the disc, picks up the playlist which is shown on CDplayer, and does everything but produce the sound.

When I try a mount command from the terminal I get

mount: wrong fstype, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/cdrom
or too many mounted filesystems.

I checked /etc/fstab and the relevant line reads

/dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom iso9660 noauto, owner, kudzu, ro 0 0

when I first looked at this line it had "udf " before "iso9660" which I edited out, as it did not seem to be right. I have rebooted several times since then but the problem persists.

I'd be grateful for any help

First off, audio cd's and dvd's don't need to be mounted to be used.

Have you tried to use cd audio in any other OS such as windows before? did it work?

Make sure that you have the audio cable going from your cdrom connected into your soundcard, this is essential. CD audio doesn't get sent through the IDE cable, it goes through a seperate cable that connects directly into your soundcard (or into a port on your motherboard if you have on-board sound), ensure that this cable is connected.

Check your mixer settings to ensure that the volume on the cdplayer is turned up and is not muted.
You know, back when I was using RH9 I couldn't get audio CDs to work in one of the desktop environments if you're in gnome, try kde and vice versa, at least it worked for me.
Almost everytime I see this issue, it is the little audio cable that connects the CD player to the sound card....assuming that other sound works, just not the cd audio ... (I think duende called it right in his post!)...
Here's a helpful hint: keep messing with the sound controls. When I first started, it could play the test sounds, but nothing else. After experimenting with differnt audio settings, it just suddenly worked, and now my sound is back! Of course, my Internet isn't, because Red Hat won't recognize my device, but that's another story...
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