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Full Version: Redhat 9.0 Specs
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Lo Dude's, just got a couple of questions:

I have just been given a second hand piece of shi$ for a laptop and am going to use it to try and learn linux (redhat 9).

The specs are here:

On install it won't load the GUI setup program because I don't have enough memory, due to this i'm assuming that it won't load the GUI once installed either, and i don't have enough linux knowledge to use 'text only' does anyone know the minimum amount of ram/graphics memory I will need to get either the KDE or GNOME GUI to load?

I can't upgrade the graphics memory however I can get hold of 128Mb ram, would this give be enough to run it reliably/effectively?

unfortunately I don't have enough cash to buy a brand new one due to student loan being used mainly on alcohol and upgrading my other system.

Help much appreciated

You can find the system requirements at
Cheers mate,

Looks like linux is too power hungry for this little monster !



Above is the info for memory upgrades...

And you can buy a 128mb upgrade from here for $28.00

Whatever you put on it, you need more than 32mb ram ... this will take you up to 160mb...
You SHOULD be able to install RedHat 9 (or if not, RH 7.3) with that memory.

I know that slackware 9 and debian 3.0 will run with 160mb RAM ... you may have some issues with only 2mb video RAM ... and configuring sound might be a pain because it will be ISA vice PCI, but if you get it working it will be a fun experience....
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