Hi there im just starting out in the world of Linux and I must say its been an eye opener, ive just purchased 2 books Sams learn linux in 24hours & redhat linux bible both of which are good books for the absolute beginner, now on with the question i have installed on my machine redhat 9 everything is installed and working fine apart from the internet which i cannot connect to.
I have an ISDN line and have a terminal adapter (US Robotics) part number:USR993409 now when i try and connect it says it cannot start the adapter or words to that effect, so its not even dialing? is this a driver issue? ive looked on the us robotics website and have noticed that there are no drivers for linux however i have done a search and found that some sites say it does support linux, apart from this issue im happy with linux and the way it runs so im looking forward to giving windows the heave ho.
Any advice appreciated Neosphear