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Full Version: Enlightenment Not Starting In Gentoo
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I installed Gentoo without too many problems.
X runs root.

I run enlightenment...

When I wanted to startx as normal (wheel) user, it first said that 'only root wants to run xdm' . After some searching on google I fixed this by doing a 'rc-update add xdm default'.
Now when I startup I get a graphical login. Unfortunately(when I login as normal user) I get a message that enlightenment cannot access my (normal user) dir.I have to kill X cuz it keeps hanging (IGNORE,blahblah dialogue)
Help is appreciated. I couldn't find an answer on Gentoo site.

xdm is X Display Manager - all it does is provide a graphical login screen. I would remove it and startx manually ... but that is up to you.

If you log in as root, can you do a change directory to your user directory .... try this:

cd ~username

(substitute your username above).

If you have a directory, who is the owner of the directory (user directories are normally in /home/username

cd /home
ls -al | grep username

if the owner of the directory isn't the user, use the command:

chown -R username:usergroup /home/username
I agree, sounds like there's a permissions problem there. Are you logging in through the graphical login as a regular user? Did you select enlightenment for your Xsession?

Btw, i find xdm kind of ugly, you may want to try kdm or gdm.
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