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Full Version: Fonts In Windows And Gnome
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I had to use Internet explorer to view this morning (there was an article I wanted to read at the New York Times and I couldn't remember my username/password so I needed my IE cookie). This was the first time I browsed in IE in a long time ... and I thought, hey the fonts in IE don't look nearly as good as my Linux fonts. Then I thought I must be mistaken ... so I took screenshots and compared them. Sure enough, the Linux fonts (in my opinion) look better than the Windows Fonts.

I was flabergasted ... I just assumed the Windows had the better GUI/Fonts appearance ... and I never really noticed until I looked at them head to head that Linux has made remarkable progress.

I know this isn't really tech support related, but thought it would be a good topic to post at ... here are the pictures:

RedHat Linux 9 Screenshot

Windows XP Screenshot
Perhaps you can help me in this area then, you always seem to answer all of my other questions smile.gif Thanks for all the past help.

I JUST got Debian Woody installed with KDE (WOOHOO) but the fonts in the Konqueror and Mozilla look like crap. Every letter looks like it has a shadow, or a ghost of itself next to it. It is very annoying and difficult to look at. This has been my observation with every Linux distro I have ever loaded.

I am using a PII 350, 192 MB RAM, old Riva TNT PCI video card w/ 16MB onboard.

Again, I appreciate your past help. Since I finally got this thing working I will be ready to start learning the nuts and bolts of it now (read as I will be posting here more frequently).

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