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how do i make php scrips work with apache2?
i always get premature end of script headers in error_log.
i tried with the simple script <? phpinfo(); ?>
and i get the same error.
do i need mod_php ?

What distribution are you running?

Has PHP been built into apache?

Do you see anything like this in your error_log:
[Sat Sep 6 16:01:53 2003] [notice] Apache/1.3.28 (Unix) PHP/4.3.3 configured -- resuming normal operations
Yes i do have that line in error_log, and php is built in apache2.
I still cant do anything.
Right... as i asked before, what distribution are you running etc? You have to give us a little more information if you expect some assistance smile.gif
i use mandrake linux 9.1 sad.gif
but i installed from tarball which i downloaded.
Did you install apache and php both from the source or did you install one or the other from RPM?

If installing PHP with Apache2, did you do it like this?

(look at the sections: PHP and Apache 2 on Linux).

Here is another great site with instructions on PHP and Apache2:
I would think that the RPM install of apache and php would also function....
As i wrote before, i installed from tarballs, from the apache and php site. I installed everything accordingly to the apache2 and php manual.
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