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Full Version: Need Help Writing Script
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I am a linx newbie and needing to write a simple external command for Linux. What language do I use? perl? If so, i'm not that great with perl ...i'm mostly a PHP, JavaScript, sorta guy. So, i'm hoping someone can help me. All I need to do is to write a script that will look for a string input and then run a command with the string in it. Like this:

The string variable input:
"hello, how are you?"

The scripts output:
echo "string variable"

I know this will be a simple script I just need to know what language I use for shell scripting in linux and hoping someone can show me somthing using the example above so I can see the syntax from this to get me started.

Much thanks

Theres tons of different ways to do this.

Here's one way with perl:


$text = "Hello World!";

print $text;
You can use your shell as well - there are sh, ksh, csh and zsh shells to name a few. The default shell in Linux is bash ... so scripting in sh or bash can be done with no modifications to any startup files.

(look at the Using select to make simple menus section....)
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