I am a newbie to linux and having a bit of trouble installing redhat 9 onto my pc with raid...

I boot up with the redhat 9 disk in and I get a warning msg saying:

'No Hdd have been found, you probably have to manually choose device drivers 4 the install to succeed.'

If I try to add I cant find the right driver - so i leave it 4 now and get itno the installer, up untill disk partitioning setup. it says: no drives found on wich to create new file systems.

I hit ok and it reboots....

could someone please tell me how to get the installer to load the right driver... (I have a linux redhat driver 4 it on the cd that came with the mobo) I also have SATA drives if thats the prob..

I am not afraid of reading if some one wants to point me to a doc somewhere..

kind regards.... smile.gif