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Full Version: Mandrake 9.1 Finds Nic Card But Won't Recognize
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I just installed Mandrake 9.0 last night because I'm trying to become more proficient with unix/solaris/Linux. I'm still a nub only thing I've really done with Solaris is do backups for a server farm.

On to the problem... So I install Mandrake 9.0. I go to configure the NIC card which is a Nforce2 MCP NIC. Built on from my FIC AU11 Motherboard. Nforce2 chipset.

It does not recognize it. So I am thinking ok this is no big deal I'll just reboot and go into windows and hitup the Nvidia website and get the linux drivers.... Simple enough right. So I go to the Nvidia site and get the RPM package to install into linux. Restart go into Linux and install the package. Ok it recognizes the RPM as a audio driver. But in the installation instructions it says its a Audio, GPL and NIC Card driver. I could never get it to recognize it so I figure well I'll download the update surely the update will fix this problem.

Next morning after the updates we're downloaded through the night. I burn the ISO's and install mandrake 9.1 It recognizes every device printer and scanner blah blah blah. It recognizes my nic ward WooHoo!!!! So I go to the connection wizard to confirm that I have connection. I set it up in expert mode to be a dhcp client. Says it sees my nic card. Then I click next and it says unable to locate network interface card. I worked with this for about 3 hours this morning and couldn't find any documentation to help me out. Either I was looking in the wrong place (Which is probably very likely) or no one else has ever had this problem (Which I find to be highly unlikely).

Can any of of you Linux guru's help me out?

I would be very appreciative
Aim: mhamp99
If your mandrake 9.1 kernel is 2.4.21_0.13 (use the command [r]uname -r[/b] to see, then you can use this RPM from the nvidia site [you probably do have this kernel ... don't update the kernel later or you will break the installed drivers].

... if you have a different kernel version then you will need to compile your own network driver using the NForce2 source tarball.

The instructions for using the source are here. Goto the Tar File Installation section ... but you will need the kernel-source rpm installed for mandrake 9.1. Check to see if you have kernel-source installed like this:

rpm -qa | grep kernel

You should see your kernel version and if kernel-source is installed, you'll see it as well.

Since you haven't yet connected via the network card, you probably still have the kernel (and maybe the kernel-source) from the install disks.

If kernel-source is not installed then insert the Mandrake 9.1 disc 3 into your CDROM drive and do the following commands:

mount /dev/cdrom
cd /mnt/cdrom/Mandrake/RPMS3
ls | grep kernel

If the cdrom automounts, you may get a mount error ... if it says already mounted, you can go ahead ...

after the ls command above, you should see this output:


You can now install it like this:

rpm -Uvh kernel-source-2.4.21-0.13mdk.i586.rpm

After the install is complete unmount the CD like this:

umount /dev/cdrom

Then go to the directory that you put the tarball in and follow the Tar File Installation section of the directions and all should be good...

If you want to use a 3D graphics card (and have 3D graphics), you will have to follow the GART Patch Installation ... but that diff file only works with a 2.4.20 kernel ... so I would hold off on that. The 2.6 kernel supports the NForce2 chipset, and I think 2.4.22 does as well, so soon all this won't be necessary for that motherboard.
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