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Full Version: Can't Rebuild Packages List (/var/lib/rpm)
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the /var/lib/rpm directory disappeared. I am not sure how it
happened but it did. this looked very similar to my problem but it was for Red Hat and they concluded that you have to reinstall using anaconda. I use Mandrake 9.1, would I also have to reinstall pretty much? I don't want to lose all of my files (I have lots of papers the I wrote for school and such). I would not lose any files right? thanks.
Directories just don't disappear, what were you doing beforehand?

You can see if anyone else has mandrake 9.1 and wants to give you a copy of thier /var/lib/rpm directory but I have no idea if that will even work.

It's probably time to start backing up your files..
yes it is weird that it just vanished but it did. I was basically trying to get the 2.6test5 kernel setup. I did not even get passed unpacking the bz2, it told me it was corrupt. It is strange and no I never typed rm -rf /var/lib/rpm I think I am going to try gentoo. anyone know where I can get a network install disk for that? I do not have a burner. You are right though, generally it is user error that is at fault but I know it was not because i did not do anything, any logs that might let me retrace the steps to see what went wrong?
You can get the official 2 CD install set from here for $15.00:

Or here you can get a burned install set for $6.99:
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