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Full Version: Dual Booting With Mandrake And Xp...
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greetings all!

i've been at this all night now, and i'm fresh out of ideas, so i hope you all can advise me!

basically, i've got a 160 gig hdd on which i'd like to run both xp and mandrake (9.1, or whatever the newest one is). so, long ago, i had lest a good 20 gigs or so unpartitioned, just waiting for linux. the big day came earlier this day, and i decided to finally install mandrake.

everything went fine, untill i was to select where to install linux; the mandrake installer did not detect any unpartitioned space! after several attempts, i just decided to wipe everything clean, and start from scratch. again, after installing xp, and leaving unpartioned space for linux, linux did not detect any free space.

in fact, with every attempt, a magic "35 gig" theme seemed to come through; the mandrake installer seems hell bend on seeing my drive as 35 gigs, rather than 160. so, i dedided to try installing linux first, just to see what would happen. everything went great, but on the xp installation, xp wouldn't see anything over 35 gigs, so there was no way to create a new partition for xp.

so, i decidied to run the 'ol "max blast" software. now, maxblast software has this nice lil' pie chart, whowing that the vast majority of my disk is unpartitioned, but, of course, i can't create a new partition for windows untill i delete the partition table, as mandrake created the partition table under the false assumption that the drive was 35 gigs.

now, i don't think the 35 gig thing is a bios problem, beings that with xp alone, i never had any problems at all, and i was running xp in a large partition; about 120 gigs or so.

anyways, i'd greatly appreciate any advice. is this actually a bios problem that mandrake can't handle (in other words, do i have a really nice excuse to finally upgrade?). is there some way that i can force the mandrake installer to see my hard drive for the what it really is? is there some neat lil' trick i can use to get by this problem?

please, let me know soon; my computer is dead now, and i have programming to do.

take care,

You didn't say what partitioning tool you used before max-blast. I'm suspecting that'd be the culprit.

Most part. tools don't mix. If you use XP CD to part. the HD, part. it into 2: one for XP; another for Linux as NTFS. Then boot MDK CD1 and part the 2nd as ext3.

It won't hurt to check your BIOS setup.

so, everything is finally sorted, although it took slightly longer than i'd have liked.

the initial problem on which i posted turned out to be simple, actually-- the hdd had come shipped with the jumper to cap the drive to 35 gigs for outdated an outdated bios!-- xp was still able to see the first 135 gigs, but linux took the bios's word, and was certain that i had a 35 gig drive, hence the windows partition took over 300% of the hdd's space!

after i thought to check for jumpers, and removed the culprit, i started over again, and installed windows on a 135 gig partition, and linux on a 25 gig partition. on boot, i got a "l 01 01 01 01 01 01...", so i used the recovery console on xp to fixboot and fixmbr. (i know that lilo should not be written to the mbr with xp, but mandrake 9.1 usually automatically decides to put it there, so there's not much of a solution).

i tried another approach that i had read of, and installed linux again, this time being certain to create a grub boot disk; upon reading the disk on restart, the system responded with "grub geom error", or something to the effect.

at any rate, i finally just deleted the linux partition, took my 60 gigs of mp3s from my secondary hdd and stuck em on my primary hdd, and installed linus to the secondary hdd. i partitioned the secondary hdd so as to allow my mp3s a place to return to.

everything is working fine now, and i'm very happy to be done with the mess.

i do have a couple other questions, but i will post them under new topics.

jetblackz, i appreciate your response very much; it's very nice knowing that there are others out there who are willing to help me if i happen to stumble.

take care all,

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