hello all. Not sure if this is the "best' place to post this as it may be too specific.

I am a SUPER newbie, and am interested in Linux and learning linux, so please bear with me.

1st off - RH9 boots. It runs 'fine' However, I have all these 'failure' reports during boot and also can't get my linksys ether 10/100 going through simple 'wizrd' setup.

let's start with the failure stuff during boot. I get:

hda: IRQ probe failed (0xfef8)
no response (status=0x0a)

same with hdb

hdc: drive not ready for command
hdc: timeout waiting for dma

(these are not all one after the other, but that's what I get.)

Now in network configuration tools. when I try to 'activate' it says:

/sbin/ifup:configuration for eth0 not found.

again I have a lynksys 10/100 pci card (it worked last time I used it in windows) and am running a freshly installed RH9

THnak you VERY much in advance!