I'm running RedHat 8.0 with Apache 2.0.40. Any and all pages on my site seem to be encapsulated in frames (even when pointing directly to a BLANK page I created). What is causing this and how can I disable it? Any help would be appreciated:

Example: (pointing to http://www.mydomain.com/somepage.html where somepage.html does not contain any frames)

<META NAME="description" CONTENT="mydomain.com">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="">
<FRAMESET border=0 rows="100%,*" frameborder="no" marginleft=0 margintop=0 marginright=0 marginbottom=0>
<frame src="http://www.mydomain.com/somepage.html" scrolling=auto frameborder="no" border=0 noresize>
<frame topmargin="0" marginwidth=0 scrolling=no marginheight=0 frameborder="no" border=0 noresize>

biggrin.gif Forget it... turned out to be a problem cloaking pages from zoneedit... apparently they put frames in there to mask the real address