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I installed Red Hat 9 on my pc. Its a AMD athlon 800 with 512 MB ram. The install goes fine, when i reboot the machine igoes through the loading until it gets to the line INIT: version 2.84 booting. It just sits there with the cursor blinking. no responce from keyboard or anything. Ive tried reinstalling about 8 times on 2 diff. hard drives and still the same thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
What type of hardware do you have? What's the setup on the hard drive?
i have a 19 gig IBM HD as master running Windows XP, a 60 gig WD as slave that i installed RH on. 3dfx voodoo 3000 w/16mb. Kenwood true-x cd rom. souldblaster live. AMD Athlon 800, in a gateway system. Im not sure what all the hardware you wanted to know about. Hope this helps.
There's no error messages at all? Did the installation properly configure your hardware/video card etc? Can you use the first installation cd to go into rescue mode and see if your system boots that way?
no error messages at all, all hardware was detected fine it just stops at the INIT: booting line. I tried rescue mode, noprobe, even the minimum install and its all the same.
Just curious...I had a boot hang like that before and it was because I had not cleared out the mbr. I had set the new install to use LILO from the superblock but never cleared out the mbr from a previous BSD installation. When I tried to boot it just hung...just an idea...
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