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Full Version: How To Make Your Home Dir Localhost
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I want to use my home dir as a website.

I use RedHat 9.0

I made a directory /home/pieter/html

So when I type http://localhost/pieter my website comes up but witch file must I change to make this happen.


Pieter sad.gif
I'm not sure what you are asking....

Do you want a webiste that can be seen by others or only you?

You must setup your webserver software (normally /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf on linux) if you want to run a webserver.

If you just want to view your site locally, you can just type this in the web browser:

There are a few ways to do this.

One would be to enable the Userdir in your httpd.conf file (then restart apache). You would then put your html into /home/user/public_html and call the directory by going to http://localhost/~user/

Another way would be to set the document root in httpd.conf to /home/user/html then you could just go to http://localhost

Check the apache docs at they are full of information and examples.
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