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Full Version: Redhat9, Php, Mysql, Apache...huh?
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Ok, I admit it...I'm confused.

I have Redhat9 installed on a server; it installs Apache 2.0.40 and PHP 4.2.2. The PHP docs say one should NOT use PHP4 and Apache2 together on a production machine; they don't say why, but they seem pretty adament. But I _need_ Apache (duh!), PHP, and MySQL to work together in some kind of harmony before I start moving sites to the new server.

So...I'm not exactly sure what I should do. Should I manually compile Apache 1.2 with the requisite security patches, and use it instead of the 2 that is currently installed? Should I back-step to PHP 3 via the RPMs? Should I give up the RPMs entirely and install _all_ the applications via tarballs? Should I continue to weep uncontrollably? (Ok, ok, forget that last one.)

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
uninstall the apache, mysql and php rpms and just install the source. You can follow the LAMP (linux + apache + mysql + php) guide on our Guides page.

Snag the latest 1.3.x of apache + php4 and whatever the latest version of mysql is.
> uninstall the apache, mysql and php rpms and just install the source.

Er...uninstalling the MySQL and PHP packages is pretty straightforward, but is it safe to remove the packages which have dependencies inside the Apache 2.x package (mod_perl and mod_python, redhat-config-httpd, etc.)?

(Sorry for the silly question, but I'm not used to depending on rpms as much as this new Redhat9 system does...)
You can remove those other packages as well.
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