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Full Version: Mapping Drives To Windows
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Hi ,

Can anyone knows how can I map the shared folder in windows to my linux server....
I really appreciate if you could help me soon...

Thanks in advance

I assume you mean a shared folder on windows PC that is a seperate machine from your Linux machine... If my assumption is correct then you need to install and configure samba .... (client and server) ... how to install it is dependant upon which Linux distro you use.

If you want to access a windows partition that is on a hard drive installed in your linux machine (that is being dual booted with windows) then samba is not the answer!
Hi hughesjr...

thanks for the reply...

Anyway I want to map the share folder in the windows pc to my linux system.

I do this command

mount -t smbfs -o username=user,password=secret //winmachine/testshare /windows/winshare1

but encountered some error...

"1822: Session setup Failed : errnoacess (Acess denied) SMB connect Failed.."

can you give me a solution for this...
I use the /usr/bin/smbmount program instead .... here is how I do my smb mounts

/usr/bin/smbmount //server1/ftphome /mnt/server1/ftphome -o username=username%password

in my above example, server1 is the windows compter name, ftphome is the windows share name, /mnt/server1/ftphome is the mount directory username is the user and password is his password....

This is how I unmount:

/usr/bin/smbumount /mnt/server1/ftphome
I used your method ....

mount -t smbfs -o username=user,password=password //server1/ftphome /mnt/server1/ftphome

and it also mounted my smb share properly ... so it seems like something is wrong with your /etc/smb.conf setup....

Do you have (in the global section):

workgroup = windows_workgroup_name

and also add an entry for the windows machine in /etc/smb/lmhosts (you could also add it to the /etc/hosts file as well):

winmachine ip_address
also make sure that the directory you want to mount into (on the linux machine)... /windows/winshare1 in your example ... exists, and is empty, before issuing the command.

also make sure the user/password you use is a Windows user who has permission to access the share on the windows machine...
Thanks Men I really appreciated...
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