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I'm having a problem with my linux box and my linksys router. Here's a little background, I have 4 computer on my LAN. 3 winxp pro boxes and 1 mandrake 9 box. When I turn on my the linux box it causes a problem with the router and causes it to lose connection. After about 5 minutes it will reconnect and work fine for a random amount of time (anywhere from 10min to 1 hour). I know it's a problem with the linux box because I can stay connect all day and night when the linux box is off. So far I've turned off all out going port for the linux box on the router, turned of dhcp on linux (router is running dhcp), turned off mail server, dns server, and apache. I was think maybe linux was sending out to many packets broadcasting as email and webserver or my isp was trying to kill my webserver (which isn't being used anyway). Any ideas would help out, thanks in advance.


EDIT: Forgot to mention, the linux box has a static internal IP set (
What kind of disconnection is it .... are all the modem lights still on? .... How about the router lights.

You didn't say ... but I'll assume you have a 4 port router, and that all the PC's are plugged in to it.

Very strange symptoms ... can you turn off one of the windows machines unplug it from the router, then plug the Linux machine into that physical router port?

What happens?

If it still breaks ... can you use a different network cable to connect the linux machine to the router?
This is a single port router and is connected to an 8 port hub. All the lights on the modem (speedstream 5620 IIRC) stay on, all lights on the router stay on all, and all the lights on the hub that have connections stay on. I haven't tried directly connecting the linux machine to the port on the router. I've tried different cables, and different ports on the hub, but I still have the same problem. When the problems happens, I don't have any onther network issues (ie I can still connect to all the machines on the network, and all shares work). Thanks for the reply, looking forward to other ideas.

What about bypassing the linksys router/LAN, and plugging the linux box directly into the DSL/CABLE modem?

This will determine if its a problem with your network or with your ISP.

Weird problem it is ....
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