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Full Version: Networking No Go For 2.6.0-test4
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I'm fairly new to Linux still, learning more every day. Having a problem right now after compiliing a 2.6.0-test4 kernel. Networking doesn't work. I'm using Mandrake 9.1.

I've got a Realtek ethernet card, using 8139too. I've tried compiling it in and having it as a module, and I always get the same error:

Sep 1 21:58:34 localhost network: Setting network parameters: succeeded
Sep 1 21:58:34 localhost ifup: arping: socket: Address family not supported by protocol
Sep 1 21:58:34 localhost ifup: Error, some other host already uses address

It's frustrating, because everything else in 2.6 works perfectly. Feels more responsive, and it's certainly a lot leaner than the installed Mandrake kernel.

I've looked up the error, all the remedies I've seen haven't worked for me. I do also get a bunch of modprobe errors when I boot into 2.6, but not when I boot 2.4. Possibly just things to take out of the modules.conf when I get it all working?

af_packet support is in as a module, I've tried it compiled in as well. Doesn't help! I haven't assigned anything to other than localhost in the hosts file too.

Can anybody help me please?

The errors are caused because a newer version of module-init-tools is required to be installed for modules to work with a 2.6.x Kernel.

Here is a writeup for the modules problem:

- The in-kernel module loader got reimplemented.
- You need replacement module utilities from
- A backwards compatible set of module utilities is also available from the same URL in RPM format.
- Debian sid users can 'apt-get install module-init-tools'
- Modules now free stuff marked with __init or __initdata.
- For Red Hat users, there's another pitfall in "/etc/rc.sysinit". During startup, the script sets up the binary used to dynamically load modules stored at "/proc/sys/kernel/modprobe". The initscript looks for "/proc/ksyms", but since it doesn't exist in 2.5 kernels, the binary used is "/sbin/true" instead.

This, eventually, will keep modules from working. Red Hat users will have to patch the "/etc/rc.sysinit" script to set "/proc/sys/kernel/modprobe" to "/sbin/modprobe", even when "/proc/ksyms" doesn't exist.

You can download the Mandrake RPM from here for module-init-tools:
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