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Full Version: Sbc Yahoo! Dsl Set Up
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I'm not having much luck finding instructions on getting SBC Yahoo DSL to work with Red Hat v.9.

My system is a PII 533 with an Intel Ethernet Pro 100 network card, and the standard SpeedStream hub.

My system sees the network card, but when I try to "activate" the card (in the GUI), no luck.

And, what about special drivers for SBC Yahoo! - do I need 'em?
If you have permanent IPs then you can just program the IP statically in the network card, hook it up to the modem and you are done ... but if you need PPPOE to connect then that is harder.

Here is a link:

You need rp-pppoe to do this ... use the command rpm -qa | grep rp-pppoe to see if you have it ... the current version is here if you dont:
SBC Yahoo! is PPPoE.

I do have rp-pppoe on my system. I followed jamesthornton instructions exactly, but for some reason my system won't "activate" the xDSL. No net! ph34r.gif
Do you have normal indication on the modem showing that it is should connect to the distant end, so use this procedure ...

1. Unplug the eth0 cable from the modem.

2. Power off the modem ... wait 20-30 seconds and turn it on.

3. The power light should light ... the DSL (or ADSL) light should blink a couple seconds and then go solid. (If the (A)DSL light doesn't go solid ... there is problem with the modems connection to the ISP ... nothing will work until the (A)DSL light is solid).

4. Plug in your network line to the modem ... the ethernet line should light up.

5. Open the Network tab and add an xDSL device ... using the username / password section (not the T-Online Account Setup). You can use any provider name.

6. Activate the account ... and set to auto activate on startup...

I don't actually have DSL now (I did about 1 year ago though)....all my DSL connections now are striaght DHCP.

Here are a couple more references:
sorry was going to reapeat something already said
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