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Full Version: Lan Networking W/mandrake 9.0
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Mel Goodson
Ok......I have three machines here in my home office. One of them is dual boot - Windows98 SE or Mandrake 9.0. The other two are Win98 SE machines. They all have operating NIC cards - two in the Linux machine with Cat 5 cabeling connecting them to a 5 port switch. My goal is to use the Linux box as a router/gateway for the other two machines.

I set up the Internet Connections in Mandrake Control Panel, eth0 is my WEB device with a DHCP of
(Broadband) The system "see's" the ISP and lists not only the IP above but the ISP DNS and ISP default gateway.
My modem is connected to the switch and of course the other machines are connected to the switch as well. I also set up the 'connection sharing' in Mandrake, too.

The second NIC in the Linux box (eth1) is configured (static) as follows: IP is with a gateway of the same? and mask of
This didn't seem correct to me but 'the system' seemed to want that.

One of the other machines I have configured as follows:
IP is, mask of - gateway of but I cannot make it connect to the Internet unless I connect the modem directly to the switch and tell this machine to get it's IP from the ISP- in effect negating the IP number that I inserted.

I edited /etc/sysctl.conf so that - net.IPv4.IP-forward=1 instead of '0'. Thats the only system software change that I made.

I'm sure I have eth1 and the 'other' machine screwed up but I cannot figure out how.

Help !!!!!!!!!!! smile.gif
I have a similar setup. I have 2 NIC's in my gateway machine. One NIC goes out to my DSL modem and to the internet. The other nice goes out to the 5 port hub I have. The other machines on the LAN connect up to the hub and use IP Masq. to get onto the net. There's a few IP masq guides on the site and a firewall script that supports this sort of thing.
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