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Full Version: Sagem Usb Modem
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I have a Sagem F@st 800 USB ADSL modem. It came with linux drivers on the cd, but when I run the install script (in Mandrake 9.1) I get pages and pages or errors...

A few examples:

"warning: type defaults to `int' in declaration of `QUEUED_URB_BUFFER'

"warning: no semicolon at end of struct or union

"request for member `BootTimer' in something not a structure or union

Is this a problem with my system, or buggy code or what?

I really am a big fan of Mandrake, but I just can't get it to work on my home broadband connection sad.gif


Thanks all
I can't get the driver to make with RedHat 9.0 using gcc 3.2 or gcc 2.96 ... I can't read any of the documentation because everything I find is in French.....sorry!

I did see that the driver was made for RedHat 7.2 ... which is why I tried the gcc296.
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