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Full Version: Enterprise Samba
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Here at work I have RedHat 9 with default samba packages installed.

We have a PDC running Win NT4. What I am doing is using Samba, PAM, and Winbind to synchronize the the PDC users to the Linux box. Now this works (and I verified with getent) and I see the local users PLUS the users on the PDC all supposedly able to be authenticated on the Linux box.

I want all the users on the PDC to have home folders on the Linux box to store their files so "My Documents" in Win XP/98 (the clients) can point to the Samba server (ie: \SMBSERVtrieder) and store their documents/preferences there. Supposedly you can autocreate these folders when the user logs in (I think, maybe I misunderstand?) with `Template homedir = /home/%D/%U` but it doesn't seem to work.

So inreview:

1. User logs in
2. If they haven't before create them a home dir (/home/%D/%U aka \SMBSERV%U)
3. Set their "My Documents" to point at \SMBSERV%U

Would I use an NT Login script on Samba or what? I'm lost.

(Note - whole purpose of this is to keep my boss from buying win 2k3 server when we can use OpenExchange and Samba)
In order to move the whole Documents and Settings directory for WInXP, you must do the bottom section of this:;en-us;236621

Not very easy with lots of PCs and users ... if you do it, you should be able to use the format:


in the registry. (cahnge the direction of the slash \ didn't work properly)
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