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Full Version: Access To A Windows Hdd.
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OS: SuSE 8.1

I have Linux installed on a Promise Ultra 66 Card on a WDC 18 GB HDD. Windows XP Pro and Windows Me is installed on the Promise Fastrack 100 lite. (onboard RAID) With two WDC 45 GB HDD's running RAID-0 (Stripe) I installed SuSE with the RAID disconnected. After the SuSE install was complete, I re-connected the RAID array. Windows will boot if I change the BIOS setting to boot the RAID First. If I boot SCSI (The BIOS sees the Promise Ultra 66 as a SCSI) Linux will boot. I would like to access my MP3 partition in Linux. SuSE runs great. I absolutly love it. I installed Webmin to make Linux easier to manage. I look at my HDD properties and it says that my two 45 GB HDD's are not partitioned. Linus sees the RAID on boot, but says the drives are not partitioned. I can still boot into Windows if I want with no problems. All the partitions in my RAID Array are FAT32, so there are no NTFS problems there.

Any idea what the problem is? It isnt a big deal, but I would like to get it to work.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

If it doesn't recognize the partitions, I would think that it is a raid controller issue ... it looks like linux sees the drives, but not the raid (since it is (2) 45gb drives and not one drive of 90gb partitioned).

use the commands:

dmesg | grep -i ide

dmesg | grep -i raid

dmesg | grep -i hda

dmesg | grep -i hdb

dmesg | grep -i hdc

dmesg | grep -i hdd

to see what linux recognizes as hardware from your controllers. Or just look at the whole dmesg output like this:

dmesg | less

You can also look at the /var/log/boot.msg file with:

less /var/log/boot.msg
i have heard that there is issues with the promise raid controllers in linux...
sorry i couldnt help anymore...but have you tried looking at google for an answer..
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