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Full Version: My Failure At Kernel Installing/building
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I found you excelent guide on kernel compiling and upgrade, to help me with installing the new kernel version 2.4.22.
Well everything went fine when using the /sbin/lilo it came back good,
but when i rebooted and it started to load up again it put a whole lot of text over the screen ( i guess its supposed to do that) but then everything went black, screen went into power saving mode and there was no response
from the computer, not even ctrl alt del worked.
Ok i didnt make a backup, I dont mind installing linux again, but my question is is there a way to know what to add when doing the make config? I think that is were it went wrong, although i just used what it had preset. And is there something totaly different to installing/building the kernel called linux-2.4.22.bz2?

Im using Mandrake 9.1 with KDE

did you erase your original kernel?

It might still be a selection in lilo.

If it is not a selection in lilo, but it is still in the /boot directory, then you can boot on the 1st Mandrake CD type linux rescue at the prompt and mount the file system. You can then go in and edit the /etc/lilo.conf file to point to the old kernel and then run lilo.

I wouldn't compile a generic kernel into Mandrake if I were you .... I would instead download the latest kernel from Mandrake's update site and use that (it has all the kernel patches that Mandrake wants installed for security and such). If you want to re-compile that mandrake kernel for your specific machine, downlaod and install the Kernel-source package for that kernel and copy the /boot/config-xxxx file to /usr/source/linux/.config ...

Then do the command:

make oldconfig


make menuconfig ...or make xconfig

you will have the default selections from the makdrake kernel....
well, the last time i tries to update the kernel, i used the one from the mandrake updates, and just used what it was saying in xconfig as default.
when i rebooted and lilo came up and i hit linux the computer would just reboot this happend everytime i hit linux,
so im not sure if lilo catches the new kernel in /boot or that the config in lilo is wrong, i booted in from second linux thing, and changed the lilo.conf back to its normal and then i could boot, allthough it shows the kernel if i do uname -srv, so it probably didnt get installed, some one said to just leav the kernel as it is unless i have some new hardware or some porgrams that need to be in there, thanks for you help biggrin.gif
If you don't copy the /boot/config-xxxx file down and do a:

make oldconfig


make xconfig

Then instead of the default options, you get whatever the last person who built the source did....which is not good.

So do it in this order:

download the latest kernel and kernel-source using the mandrake update program ...

go to the directory /usr/src/kernel-source

type the command mrproper

copy the /boot/config-xxxxx file to your current directory and rename it to .config

use the command make oldconfig

use the command make xconfig and change anything that you need .... normally only the processor type or some piece of unsupported hardware.

then make dep

make bzImage

make modules

make modules_config

cp arch/i386/boot/vmlinuz /boot/name-of-kernel
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