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Full Version: Redhat 7.1 Not Booting
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I know its old, but we haven't had any problems with it...until now. Here's whats happening:

I turn the system on and everything is looking great. It initializes the hard drive, cdrom, floppy, serial ports, ttyS00 and ttyS01. Then it hits "Freeing unused kernel memory: 236k freed" and it just sits there. I can type stuff in the console, so its not frozen. When I came in this morning the console was sitting at a login prompt (X didnt start). I tried a reboot just to be sure, but the kb and mouse werent responding. So I powered down the system and now its stuck. Any clues???

If I can't get it to boot, i figured I could just run an upgrade. I am concerned about the data on this box as it holds many of my company's databases. I do not want to lose them and all of the server settings. The RedHat installer should preserve all this (if the disk isnt dead) right?

If you do an upgrade it should preserve your data. You can try booting off the 7.1 cd and using rescue mode first. Was there a power failure or anything like that?
Our APC doesnt indicate any power loss during the night. It seems like the box just shut off. Unfortunately, I do not have the original 7.1 CDs. This box was installed before I became an employee here. I guess I could download the old cds off an FTP site, but i'm already done with the first RH9 cd smile.gif
You could probably download the boot.img from the 7.1 respository and create a boot disk and try rescue mode like that.

I've never done an actual upgrade i prefer to back up my data and do a complete reinstall but that's just me. Upgrading to 9 should work.
I downloaded the 7.1 CDs and ran the rescue. However, I am at a loss of what to do now. My filesystem is still intact (thank god). I've been scowering google and I cannot find a solution. Most of the sites i've been to have agreed on one thing: its /sbin/init scewing up. How can I fix this? A few sites have said that I should recompile the kernel becuase it was not compiled correctly??? But this box hasn't had any problems for the two years I've been here. Any suggestions?

Yet another update:

I cannot upgrade to RH9 because the existing file system on hda was not unmounted cleanly. So that rules out upgrading. Anyone know how to fix this?? Im pulling my hair out!
Can you describe your partition setup.

What partition on hda failed to mount? If you can get to a command prompt you can run /sbin/fsck.ext2 /dev/hdax (replace x with the partition number) and it should check the filesystem to see what's up.
you should be able to mount the root file system from the rescue disk and then unmount it ... it probably didn't unmount cleanly when you shutdown after the rescue.

I would back up the data before any upgrade attempt ... what sort of databases are we talking about? Are you also running a webserver on this box?
Yes, I am running the following:

Coldfusion MX 6.0
MySQL 3.23
Apache (not sure of the version)

I went out and grabbed a new hard drive and installed RH9. I have that as my master and my old hard drive as a slave. Problem is I cannot mount the slave drive because it tries to mount it's root directory as /.

I will check the partitions and try unmounting the old drive before I try to get anything else with RH9.


Ran fsck on /dev/hda1 thru /dev/hda6.

/dev/hda1 (/) - found and fixed several errors
/dev/hda2 (/var) - found and fixed several errors
/dev/hda3 (/home) - found and fixed several errors
/dev/hda4 (?) - couldnt read. fdisk system type is Win95 Ext'd (LBA)
/dev/hda5 (/usr) - found and fixed some errors
/dev/hda6 (swap) - fsck cant read swap
If you unplug the rh7.1 drive and install RH9 (actually I recommend 7.1 or 7.3, see the last comment) on the new drive...then after everything is 100% on the new disk, shutdown the pc, and put the rh 7.1 in as a slave, boot to the OS you installed on your new drive,and you can mount the old 7.1 drive (i would make a directory in the /mnt called RH-7.1.)

mkdir /mnt/RH-7.1

Then use the mount command:

mount -t ext2 /dev/hdb1 /mnt/RH-7.1

(sustitute the filesystem if not ext2, and use the proper device to mount the old 7.1 / partition)

Now you should be able to access the root partiton of the 7.1 drive now by using the command:

cd /mnt/RH-7.1

If you didn't have a power outage then it seems that there is something wrong with the original hard drive ... you shouldn't get multiple errors on a drive if it hasn't been powered off under load. I would move everything important off to the new drive.

Some things to consider .... will the Cold Fusion version you have work with the glibc for RH9 ....and will it work with Apache 2.0.x

How hard is it going to be to convert the website from Apache 1.2.x (from RH7.1) to 2.0.x (from RH9) .... or are you going to try and use 1.2.x on RedHat9.

It might be easier to install RH 7.3 (or 7.1) on the new drive and use that.... instead.

The mysql should be easy....
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