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Full Version: Sound Card Recognized
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I'm a gaga newbie who is so thrilled to be done with Windows that I almost said "ah, who needs sound anyway!". But, of course I do want sound. I'm running Red Hat 9 on a Compaq PII 533mhz.

In the GUI (in system properties) my sound card shows up (Maestro ESS or something like that). The CD player is obviously playing the disc, and the volume is cranked in all volume settings (main system volume and the CD player volume). And yes, the speakers are plugged in!

But still no sound.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
besides the CD player sound, do other items make sound?

run this command in the terminal:


Do you hear sound from the test?

If you hear sound, but just not cd audio, there is an audio wire that must be connected between the CD player and the sound yours connected?
Thanks again, Hughes. The test did work, so I've got sound.

I am still perplexed by one item, however. The Media Player in the Red Hat GUI (do you guys call a linux gui "X" ?) won't play any of my mp3 files. I'm going to convert to .wav and see what happens. I've copied the files from CD to the hard drive and, when I hit "play", I expected to hear them. But alas, silence. Do I need any special anything to play MP3s?
There is a license / royality issue for playing mp3 files, and OS's that distribute an MP3 player must pay for every copy of the OS distributed ... so the xmms distributed with RH9 will not play them as installed from the redhat discs ... but you can go here:

and download an mp3 plugin for xmms....
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