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Full Version: Redhat Boot Lockup
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i've just installed RedHat 9.0 on my laptop, which i partitioned using partition magic under Windows XP. the default boot is to the windows drive, and i use the diskette created at install time to attempt to boot linux from /dev/hda3 the loading seems to go well until it attempts to initialize the firewire, at which point it just hangs indefinitely and can only be re-booted manually (no Ctrl+Alt+Del).
it'd be nice to fix the firewire issue, but all i really want to do is bypass that step. the boot sequence offers a chance to use "Interactive Mode", but then ignores me as best i can tell. i've tried typing i, I, and I followed by <Enter> and none of them changed the manner in which it booted, nor gave me any input into what was happening. any help is greatly appreciated.
Is there and [OK] after the firewall initiation ... if so, IPTABLES was probably OK and it is stuck at the next step ... if not, it is probably the firewall (iptables) that is doing it...reboot and

If you used the grub boot loader ... then press e to edit .... then move down to the kernel line and press e again .... move to the end of the kernel line with the right arrow key and then add a space and then 1

it will look something like this:

kernel (hd0,0)/kernel-2.4.19 ro root=LABEL=/

and you will change it to:

kernel (hd0,0)/kernel-2.4.19 ro root=LABEL=/ 1

Then press enter , then move up to the root line and press b to boot. You will boot into single user mode ...

then change directories to /etc/init.d

cd /etc/init.d

and type the command:

chkconfig --del iptables

This will make the IPTABLES not startup automatically....

then type

reboot to restart the machine....
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